Volunteer Insurance

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Volunteer insurance

Volunteer insurance is one of the key importance to the VET.

Along with the smooth travel experience on your conservation project, health as well as safety are of big significance to our professional team.  Therefore it is mandatory for each volunteer to obtain the health and travel insurance for the duration of the volunteering mission.

Both, health and travel insurances can be obtained also through the VET for any of our volunteer projects. Please contact our support team and see our contact email in the footer of the web page.

In case you are interested to do this yourself, here might be a useful link for you: http://www.thetravelinsurers.com/

After making the order with VET, the applicant has the duty to hold a comprehensive travel and health (accident) insurance, accident invalidity insurance, and the third party liability. The insurance should be obtained prior to departure and should start on the day of departure, throughout the whole period until the return.

If a volunteer decides to obtain the volunteer insurance through the VET, she/he is very welcome to state this through the application process. If the volunteer decides to do this later on an email can be sent to our customer service. VET is partnering with one of the most renowned insurance companies, which offers worldwide operation for the health and travel insurance through the many successful years.

After the balance for the volunteer participation fee is covered we can proceed with the insurance steps, in case the volunteer has the wish to obtain it through the VET. In this case the insurance forms will be sent to her/him. Once paid, the insurance policy will be emailed to the volunteer, no later than one week before the insurance date of commencement.